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Addressing Eczema In Babies

How can you tell if your baby has eczema? It often shows up as crusty, red patches on a baby's skin. Quite often, it occurs within a baby's first few months. Fortunately, many infants outgrow and resolve baby eczema rather quickly, as eczema in babies is very common and treatable. Not certain that baby itching or irritated rashes on a baby is eczema? A licensed physician can address this issue for sure. However, the following points can help any parent understand what symptoms to look for in order to address baby eczema. What Baby Eczema May Look Like Eczema in...

What Is Rosacea and How To Treat It

If you start to notice small bumps on your face that sort of look like acne or that you’re blushing more, you might have rosacea, which is a skin condition that affects man adults. Don’t panic yet because although there is no cure for it, there are treatment options to keep flare-ups at bay. It commonly affects areas on the face, including the nose and cheek areas, with intensity varying over time. It most commonly affects middle-aged women who happen to have fair skin and is easily mistaken for acne or other skin conditions. To properly diagnose it, you should...

Eczema, What Is It?

Eczema treatment has been the general question on the lips of everyone. This skin disease is a typical condition that many people suffer from. It often causes an itchy and flaky skin because of the various environmental and physical irritants that affect the skin.

Ethereal 2018

Natural Healing Products, Inc. as of 2018 has re-branded as Ethereal. Our 100% all-natural ingredients are simple foods, oils, and herbs which have nutrients that heal and regenerate.  Confidently use Ethereal Rx products knowing that each ingredient has been carefully hand selected for its superior quality, potency, and effectiveness.