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What Is Rosacea and How To Treat It

If you start to notice small bumps on your face that sort of look like acne or that you’re blushing more, you might have rosacea, which is a skin condition that affects man adults. Don’t panic yet because although there is no cure for it, there are treatment options to keep flare-ups at bay. It commonly affects areas on the face, including the nose and cheek areas, with intensity varying over time. It most commonly affects middle-aged women who happen to have fair skin and is easily mistaken for acne or other skin conditions. To properly diagnose it, you should see a dermatologist.

Symptoms of rosacea include redness of the face as if you are blushing or feeling flushed and tiny red bumps, as well as fine red vascular lines. In some severe cases, an enlarged red bulbous nose can develop. Other, more severe, cases include eye problems like red eyelids, swollen eyes and conjunctivitis. If left untreated, rosacea can worsen over time, which is why it’s important to get a professional to diagnosis it to start treatment immediately. If not, you risk the symptoms becoming permanent.

Things that can trigger breakouts include spicy food, alcohol, smoking, emotional stress and hot temperatures. Many find it an embarrassing condition that no amount of makeup can truly cover. Symptoms can come and go and stay for weeks at a time. Doctors aren’t sure what causes the skin condition, however they do think a few things may combine to bring it on, including your genes, blood vessel trouble, bacterial, mites, or the fact that you smoke.

With the right treatment, rosacea can be managed and flare-ups reduced. One great treatment Derma Rx all-natural soothing skin care balm that will help relieve and repair the damage rosacea can leave behind on your fragile skin. This nourishing, revitalizing medicinal lotion is formulated to protect and soothe irritated skin caused by rosacea. It’ll go deep into your skin cells to revitalize them from the inside out with natural ingredients that work.