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Better Understanding Dermatitis

Sometimes you get a rash out of nowhere and have no clue how you got it. You might have used a new skincare product or laundry detergent or maybe came into contact with a new cleaning solution. Whatever the case may be, it’s possible that you now have contact dermatitis, which is a skin condition that happens when whatever new chemicals you came into contact with caused a bad reaction on your skin.

There are many symptoms associated with contact dermatitis and the severity depends on how sensitive you are to that certain chemical substance that caused it. Some people may experience different symptoms than others, but generally allergic contact dermatitis symptoms include: skin redness, hives, flaky or dry skin, blisters, itching, burning skin, sun sensitivity, darkened or leathery skin and swelling in your face and around your groin area. This type of dermatitis can come about because of contact with things like latex gloves, gold or nickel jewelry, chemicals in skincare products, perfumes, poison ivy or poison oak.

There’s also irritant contact dermatitis that causes symptoms like blisters, dry skin, cracked skin, swelling, tight skin or even open sores. This can come about because of contact with toxic materials and substance, such as drain cleaners, bleachers, battery acid, detergents, pepper spray and more. But it can also happen when someone’s skin come into contact with things like soap or even water, especially for those whose hands are continuously exposed to water like bartender, hairdressers and healthcare workers.

In most cases, contact dermatitis will go away, but its pesty symptoms might be bothersome. There is over-the-counter treatment to provide relief for these symptoms, including Derma Rx Soothing Balm. The all-natural skin care balm will reduce red-looking skin that’s caused by a number of skin conditions and rashes. The innovative cream is formulated with natural ingredients that will go deep into your skin cells to combat the causes of your skin condition for long-lasting relief and treatment.