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What Is Eczema?

Literally speaking, eczema refers to an irritated skin, which affects approximately 35 million Americans. So what is eczema and what are different types of skin irritation that are labeled eczema? Skin irritation can develop from a variety of factors that depend on the individual person with such a condition. The following are some of the factors and reasons that skin becomes irritated and eczema develops: frequent sweating, scratchy clothes, cleaning products, dust, animal saliva or dander, living in a dry climate, nutritional deficiency, young age (such as infants and children up to three years of age), immune system dysfunction, chronic stress, and allergies to different foods.

Additionally, you may ask what does eczema look like on the skin? How can I spot eczema and what does eczema feel like when the skin is irritated? Common symptoms of eczema can include red, dry rashes, thick, dry scaly skin (which often cracks), red or brown patches of skin, recurring rashes, red swollen skin (that is often raw from scratching), a frequently itchy rash that often wakes you up at night, and small bumps on the skin which may release liquid when scratched and develop a crust.

After being able to spot what eczema is, it is important on how to avoid recurring flare-ups. Those people that suffer from frequent, intense flare-ups often have the most sensitive skin. Often times, the sensitivity of their skin is the reason for the flare-ups in the first place. All natural homeopathic products are often the best solution for eczema given the sensitive nature of skin when eczema occurs. Derma Rx is an all natural homeopathic treatment for eczema without the need for antibiotics. Made from walnut oil, honeycomb and bay leaves, Derma Rx is safe for all skin types and ages. When considering using Derma Rx’s all natural formula for addressing the symptoms of eczema, Derma Rx is even safe for babies and infants whom have the most sensitive skin of all people. Managing daily eczema flare-ups can become burdensome, expensive, and dangerous given all the prescription medications that are filled with chemicals and harmful side effects. Derma Rx is one of the most effective all natural products on the market that offers a homeopathic treatment for eczema without the need for prescription drugs.